10 Coupon Management Ideas For Acquiring New Customers

Promotional campaign strategy means it has the vision and mission to expand the brand among new customers. And, Coupon Management is one way of a promotional campaign. These coupon management strategies help a brand to drive in the long run and sustain itself in the market. It is a great communication tool to appreciate customers to fulfill their specific needs.

Find below 10 campaign ideas for acquiring new customers. If you manage Coupons properly for the right promotions, incentives & perks, with the aim to acquire new customers. Coupon Management can help to customer acquisition, customer engagement, referral program and customer retention, and many more. Remember to utilize and monitor coupon usage to capture new customers!

According to Hubspot state of the inbound report, 63% of marketers noted that their greatest challenge is generating unique traffic and new leads. Every day new businesses are entering the market and capturing customers. That’s why it is making difficult to acquire new customers these days.


Let’s look at 10 Coupon Management Ideas for Acquiring New Customers

1. New customer offer:

Providing coupons or discount codes to the new customer to avail your service is the perfect way to engage the customer for the first time. It will also, help to create a first impression of the brand and customers will feel connected to the brand. It is not easy to convert a visitor into a valuable customer. Sometimes, these coupon codes can be misused by creating fake accounts. One customer may create many fake accounts using multiple Email address and Phone number. So, coupon management should in a very limited number or have few restrictions as well.

2. Influencer Marketing: 

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing strategy. It helps to catch engaging fan followers of the respective influencer. By, influencing marketing you can increase followers on social media that you are trying to reach through paid advertising. Influencer marketing is very popular in the western world. In Bangladesh, many renowned brands are trying to influence marketing to boost up sales. At first, you need to target down the audience and their age group, preference, and then research who matches the customer persona. Then, approach the influencer to sell a product/promotion. A great way to boost up sales is to dedicate a coupon with a specific code and let the influencer share the coupon code with their fan and followers.

3. Referral Program:

Referral programs are a very common program to award your loyal customers for promoting your product or service. All it takes to invite their friends and family and try the product or service. This is a great program to connect with the customer and give them a reason to share your brand by engaging them in the referral program.

A good referral program is will offer with the most loyal customers and who have tried your product quite a few times. Offer only the customers who have high lifetime value and can bring high-value customers and decrease the marketing costs.

4. Social Media Contest:

Another Coupon Management strategy can be implemented with Social Media Engagement Contest. Create an engagement campaign for the customer and share coupon code. Offer valuable prizes for the highest sharer and let them redeem the products at a discounted price on their next purchase. It is a great way of converting new customers into paid customers.
You can introduce- “Share to Win” or ”Tag TO Win” type of campaign. This helps you to trigger virality quickly, especially if the incentives provided are attractive enough for the winners.

5. Newsletter registration Program:

The newsletter registration program is a process that is completed by Email Marketing Plan. The newsletter is a great way to share news about new products or offers. You can engage your customers to sign up and in return, you can get a solid database that you can utilize properly. In the Newsletter, you send welcome gifts by sharing coupon codes.

6. Loyalty programs:

To make your brand more customer-centric, you can design personalized rewards. This sort of program is more popular in the eCommerce business. To align your business towards the most profitable segment for your customers, entertain them, and retain them. Increasing your customer lifetime value by offering different loyalty programs.

Some of the loyalty programs can be like free shipping, special sale or event, shopping with the points. Popular Shoe brand Bata- offer this sort of programs where a customer can use their points to purchase a product.

7. Give review and win rewards: 

Again, this sort of engagement program is quite popular in the eCommerce industry. Product reviews can help you to boost up the sales. Customers like to review products before purchasing them.  So, share positive customer reviews on your website and social media to drive sales. Make the videos more insightful and impactful. This will also, help the impression of your website in terms of SEO perspective. You can write reviews and display new offers or benefits of purchasing the products in this review.
But remember to make the reviews and feedback from the customer perspective. If a customer visits your website they can easily read and understand the whole process.

8. Retention Programs:

Sometimes, the customer tries to close their account or unsubscribe from the newsletter program. There is a lot of room to play here, you can showcase your coupon codes as trump cards to retain them. Try to offer something valuable so that the customer gives it a thought. Having Coupon in the exit mode will make her/him think about it again.

9. Birthday/Anniversary celebration: 

Sending Coupons on birthdays or anniversary celebrations will showcase how much you care for your customers. This coupon management can be done on loyal customers and high-value customers. For example, gift your high-value customer on special days like Birthday or 2-year anniversary programs. You can send surprise gifts to the high-value customers through Email Marketing Plan. make it cozier rather than a marketing stunt. For instance, if the customer has a high lifetime value, give them a voucher for a special event or advisory call. Your creativity will be highly appreciated!

10. Limited-Time Offers

This sort of campaign always triggers customers to purchase before the due date. You can plan the campaign for a limited time period like- a few hours or a specific day of the month. Studies showed that this sort of limited time offers can increase sales by 30%. As the customers feel it more appealing.

Taking Your Coupon Management Game to the Next Level

Coupon Management or Marketing will work better if you combine it with other tactics. Relying only on Coupons will help your business to grow. Rather it is a combined marketing approach. Take some time to know your customers and then plan the coupon marketing program. This will help you to get noticed and acquire new customers.


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